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In the heart of Central Visayas (Region VII), Philippines, Bohol is the 10th largest island in the country. Approximately 803 km south of Manila and 79 km southeast of Cebu, Mainland Bohol is oval-shaped surrounded by 72 smaller islands, the largest of which is the Panglao Island facing Tagbilaran City in the southwest.. Its boundaries are Cebu to the northwest, Leyte to the northeast and Mindanao in the south.


Capital: Tagbilaran City

Municipalities/Towns: 47

No. of Barangays: 1,109


Bohol has a total land area of 4,117.26 square kilometers and has gently rolling terrain, ideal for commercial and industrial site development. The terrain of Bohol is basically rolling and hilly and about half of the island is covered in limestone. Near the outer areas of the island are low mountain range. The interior uplands are suitable for agro-forestry and high value agricultural production. The central and northern lowlands also have fertile grounds and abundant water supply.

Arable Area: 260,300 hectares
Certified Alienable and Disposable: 308,705 hectares
Classified Forest: 108,560 hectares


Most of the people speak the native dialect Boholano. Cebuano, Tagalog and English are widely spoken and understood. Fookien is spoken within the Chinese community while Mandarin is taught in a widely-attended Chinese school in Tagbilaran City.


Population As of 2005, Bohol has a population of 1,207,580 and Tagbilaran City has 87,655. The annual growth rate in the province is 2.95 percent.
Labor Force: As of 2005, the total workforce is 439,000.
Literacy Rate: 93%


Predominantly Roman Catholic. Others are Protestant and Muslim.


Climate in Bohol is generally fair and falls under the fourth type characterized by a not very pronounced maximum rain period and no dry season. Maximum precipitation occurs in June to October. Average annual temperature is 29 degrees Centigrade.


Philippine standard time is eight hours ahead of Greenwich Meantime.

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