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Municipality of Talibon

This progressive town lies on the northwestern coast of Bohol 114.8 kilometers from Tagbilaran City. It was established in 1830. Before that year Talibon was a part of Inabanga.

No records are available to show the origin of the town but old folks claimed that the place got its name from ‘talibong,’ an ancient spear which they used for mining gold. Later on the letter g was dropped so the name Talibon prevailed.

During World War II a guerilla force was organized which took control and authority in Talibon. The force maintained peace and order in the town and restored for a time the normal functions of the municipal peace and order in the town restored for a time the normal functions of the municipal government. Sen. Carlos P. Garcia, former President of the Philippines, acted as their High Adviser. When Japanese soldiers occupied Bohol their first acts was to dispatch a patrol to capture Carlos P. Garcia, but he narrowly escaped to Leyte in a sailboat together with his family. Failing to capture Garcia the Japanese soldiers burned the Garcia house and subjected to severe torture volunteer guard Cesario Avergonzado for giving them the wrong direction. That was July 4, 1942.


At a glance..
Population (2000) :54,147
No. of Household :9,712
Land Area :17,704 ha.
No. of Barangays :25
Distance from Capital :109 km.
Congressional District :2nd
Income Classification :5th
Barangay Land Area Population No. of Households
Bagacay 2780 506
Balintawak 1216 222
Burgos 903 164
Busalian 2298 389
Calituban 3554 601
Cataban 1252 196
Guindacpan 1937 322
Magsaysay 1332 244
Mahanay 1663 266
Nocnocan 1655 246
Poblacion 4477 784
Rizal 1277 213
Sag 615 103
San Agustin 3583 651
San Carlos 1416 250
San Francisco 4541 866
San Isidro 2521 475
San Jose 4361 852
San Pedro 1184 194
San Roque 2321 423
Santo NiƱo 3087 569
Sikatuna 1617 283
Suba 1534 288
Tanghaligue 1606 329
Zamora 1417 276

Municipal Officials (2007-2010)

Vice Mayor:
Councilors: 1.

Events and Festivities

Town Fiesta : 29th of May
Patron Saint : Blessed Trinity

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