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Municipality of Sevilla

This interior town north of the municipality of Loboc was founded in 1872. In all probability, this town was named after the Spanish city of Sevilla. It was one of the latest towns established during the Spanish regime. Three towns contribute to its territory, namely, Loboc in the south, Balilihan in the west and Bilar in the east. The site of the town was first located in Bentig, on the other side of the Loboc River from the present site. When the Americans invaded the town, they burned all the buildings in Bentig. When peace was declared, the site of the town was transferred to Maraag, which is the present Poblacion. In 1879, it had a population of 4,835.


At a glance..
Population (2000) :10,281
No. of Household :1,840
Land Area :6,486 ha.
No. of Barangays :13
Distance from Capital :36 km.
Congressional District :3rd
Income Classification :6th
Barangay Land Area Population No. of Households
Bayawahan 818 151
Cabancalan 670 111
Calinga-an 579 104
Calinginan Norte 793 141
Calinginan Sur 636 110
Cambagui 1095 191
Ewon 769 138
Guinob-an 615 117
Lagtangan 748 142
Licolico 869 153
Lobgob 862 161
Magsaysay 996 171
Poblacion 831 150

Municipal Officials (2007-2010)

Vice Mayor:
Councilors: 1.

Events and Festivities

Town Fiesta : 12th of December
Patron Saint : Virgen of Guadalupe

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