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San Miguel

Municipality of San Miguel

San Miguel was once a barangay of Talibon. Formerly this was barrio Cambangay Sur, a part of the town of Trinidad.

Cambangay, its former name originated from the word ‘bangay’ a kind of weed that thrived in the locality. A farmer was weeding at the time when Spanish soldiers came and asked for the name of the place. Not understanding what they said and thinking that they were asking for the name of the weed he answered ‘bangay’. Happy to know, the soldiers exclaimed ‘COME BANGAY’. At that time they started calling the place Cambangay.

Cambangay Sur was a rich hunting ground where people migrates from different places of Bohol. When the late President Carlos P. Garcia signed Executive Order No. 107 creating barrio Cambangay Sur into a municipality its name was changed to San Miguel.


At a glance..
Population (2000) :20,828
No. of Household :3,738
Land Area :9,156 ha.
No. of Barangays :18
Distance from Capital :86 km.
Congressional District :2nd
Income Classification :6th
Barangay Land Area Population No. of Households
Bayongan 1415 243
Bugang 934 170
Cabangahan 648 120
Caluasan 539 86
Camanaga 1767 308
Cambangay Norte 1392 264
Capayas 1074 213
Corazon 1209 224
Garcia 593 112
Hagbuyo 1108 190
Kagawasan 1381 263
Mahayag 2117 389
Poblacion 2137 347
San Isidro 1323 245
San Jose 656 113
San Vicente 856 147
Santo NiƱo 679 125
Tomoc 1000 179

Municipal Officials (2007-2010)

Vice Mayor:
Councilors: 1.

Events and Festivities

Town Fiesta : 8th of May
Patron Saint : St. Michael

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