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Bien Unido

Municipality of Bien Unido

In an executive order in 1935, two sitios in northern Trinidad were united into one barangay and was given the name of Bien Unido, a spanish word which means “well united”. In order to hasten its economic, social, cultural and political upliftments the people of Barangay Bien Unido aspired for independence and wanted to become a municipality. This long time dream which started in 1965 became a reality when in 1981 it was approved by Batasang Pambansa Blg. 93 through the efforts of then Assemblyman Bartolomeo Cabangbang and Eutiquio Cimafranca.


At a glance..
Population (2000):22,176
No. of Household:3,984
Land Area:4,482 ha.
No. of Barangays:15
Distance from Capital:108 km.
Congressional District:2nd
Income Classification:6th
Barangay Land AreaPopulationNo. of Households
Bilangbilangan Dako1814301
Bilangbilangan Diot58099
Hingotanan East1778301
Hingotanta West1378238
Nueva Esperanza2141402
Nueva Estrella1289239
Poblacion (Bien Unido)2361517
Puerto San Pedro891153

Municipal Officials (2007-2010)

MayorHon. Niño Rey F. Boniel
Vice Mayor:Hon. Petronilo R. Justiniane
Councilors:1. Ronio, Froilan Macarat
2. Borenaga, Rene Boniel
3. Avenid, Patricio Sayson
4. Villarias, Rogelio Evangelista
5. Gentapa, Eduardo Autida
6. Garcia, Mansueto Autida
7. Boniel, Alejo Hoylar
8. Macua, Sotero Garcia

Events and Festivities

Town Fiesta : 28th – 29th of December
Patron Saint : Sto. Niño

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