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Inabanga River, the largest river in Bohol, is 25 kilometers long and is 7 to 10 meters deep. Tourists take a ride from a motorized banca and given a river tour first before being taken to the fishing village, the Inabanga Nature Park and Fishing Village. This two-hectare park boasts of a restaurant that serves, fresh seafood and native dishes and also has a fishpond where guests can catch Tilapia and have these cooked. The town of Inabanga is a bout 70 kilometers from Tagbilaran City.


Walk into one of the richest, most diverse mangrove forests in the country and behold the sight and sounds of some of the rarest exotic birds that populate this community-based eco-tourism destination. The mangrove area of Cogtong Bay in Candijay covers 2,200 hectares of primary growth mangrove forest of which 598 hectares are located in barangay Panadtaran. At least 21 out of 47 “true” mangrove species known to grow naturally in the Philippines are found in Panadtaran. The protection of this valuable natural treasure is shared by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), the local government of Candijay and resident communities, assisted by the Coastal Resource Management Project (CRMP). The Candijay town is about 92 kilometers from Tagbilaran City.


Bohol throbs with life the year round. Exemplified by their many a bright and pulsating festivals, the Boholanos are a people who celebrate. And this they do well.

In Bohol, the month of May is exceptional wherein, on each day of the month, a town or barrio observes its fiesta in honor of its patron saint and where food and revelry gather families, friends, and guests in festivities filled with music and dance.


Bohol is the finest example of a “Fiesta Island”, which celebrates the annual Sandugo Festival considered as the biggest and most spirited month-long celebration. The annual July spectacle featuring an agro-industrial fair, cultural and historical shows, concerts, sports events, beauty pageants, balls, entertainment shows and colorful street-dancing which culminates in the reenactment of the Blood Compact or “Sandugo”, which literally means “One Blood”, of Datu Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, representing the King of Spain in 1565, for the purpose of fostering friendly relations between the countries.

Schedule: Whole Month of July, Tagbilaran City


Tagbilaran City pays tribute to a favorite plant–the ube. Join the Boholanos in their efforts to establish this tasty, purple-hued crop as a major agricultural product. Seminars, exhibits and contests galore are the activities during the 3-day festival.

After Bohol’s purple pride, the sweet and aromatic ubi kinampay (purple yarn).

Schedule: 3rd Week of January, Tagbilaran City


A music and dance festivity in May which depicts the rich musical history and folkloric traditions of the people of Loboc town.

Schedule: May 23 – 24, Loboc

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