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Sectoral Establishments

Manufacturing is 882; Service is 2,695 and Wholesale/Retail is 6,320. A total of 9,897 establishments.

Industrial Establishments

Limestone mining, cassava start/glucose plant, galvanized iron sheets factory, soft drink bottling plant, frozen prawn, food processing, ice plant, handicraft, metalcraft, furniture

Leading Non-Traditional Exports

Prawns, baskets, woven raffia

Leading Domestic Items Traded

GI sheets, limestone, handicraft, marine products, rice, banana, cattle, hog, mangoes, fish, copra

Leading Domestic Trade Partner: Visayas & Mindanao

Agricultural & Aqua Products:

Rice, corn, coconut, , vegetables root crops, fruits, poultry, fish, prawns, crabs, seaweeds

Financial Systems

Commercial banks: 21
Development banks: 21
Government banks: 2
Savings banks: 2

Cooperative bank: 1
Rural banks: 7


Power Capacity: 93.5 MW
Water Supply (City): 19,000 cubic meters daily

Land Transportation

Taxicabs: 45
Bus Companies: 1,005
Vehicles for hire: 5,280


Telephone lines: 14,700
Telecommunication companies: 6
Cellular phone firms: 3

Radio stations (AM, FM): 5
TV/Cable stations: 5
Newspapers: 3
Internet service providers: 3


Road Network: 5,430 kilometers


Domestic Base port: Tagbilaran City
Terminal ports: Tubigon, Jagna, Ubay, Talibon
Subports: Catagbacan, Getafe


Domestic: Tagbilaran City Airport

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